As supplier, we offer ethical products and attach great importance to corporate social responsibility. We are proud of our cooperation with the below organizations.

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The organisation was established to promote the responsible management of forests, particularly in tropical areas. The so-called FSC Standards (also known as the Principles and Criteria) for responsible forest management balances social, environmental and economic interests. Forest management in compliance with this standard, with possible associated timber and paper production, protects forests for current and future generations. Ask for our FSC® certified products.


The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is an initiative of businesses who are committed to improving working conditions in their global supply chain. BSCI offers a common code of conduct and a roadmap for companies applicable to all sectors and production countries.


The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) is an international non-profit member organisation that makes it easier to do business in a way that benefits everyone. They have designed an Internet system to help organisations manage data on labour practices in their supply chain. 


Wecycle is a Dutch non-profit organisation that organises the collection and recycling of electronic waste (the so-called e-waste). The foundation works on behalf of electronics manufacturers and importers who have the legal responsibility (according to the European WEEE directive) to collect and recycle waste electronic equipment and energy efficient lighting in a responsible manner.

From concept to creation

A perfect final product starts with a great idea. However, what is also crucially important is the best possible quality, the most efficient loading, the desired delivery time and, of course, a favourable price. It will be our absolute pleasure to share our thoughts with you from the first draft through to an outstanding finished product.