Start of Bunnik Creations

Bunnik Creations originated from Dennis Bunnik’s initiative to buy dry materials independently from Asia for his family business, Bunnik Plants.


Opening Green Event Centre

Together with the Boskoop companies Van Lint B.V. and Gebr. Van der Salm B.V., Bunnik Plants is opening the Green Event Centre, where Bunnik Creations will also increasingly show their products.


Increasing focus on added value

The company is increasingly specialising in added value such as ceramics, glass, zinc and other decorative materials.


Reopening and new office in Bleiswijk

After a complete metamorphosis, the Green Event Centre 2.0 will be opened in August, where the products of Bunnik Creations will hold a prominent place. Directly above the products on display in the Green Event Centre, a new office will be opened.


Start of own production site in China

In Qingdao, China, the first pots are coming off the assembly line. In this way, Bunnik Creations disposes of a modern production site where a large number of ceramic pots, in a multitude of colours, will find their way to living rooms all over the world.


Start of Bunnik Logistics

The company has had its own trucks at its disposal for many years, but since early 2019 all logistics services have been bundled under the banner of Bunnik Logistics.


Opening of an office in Shanghai, China

In the summer of this year, a second office was opened in Shanghai, China.

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